Saturday, November 12, 2011

Just In Case

Mama Beatrice and Bridget have been ever so gracious to keep teaching me Acholi; as a matter of fact, they've even written down some phrases outside of our 'classes' [almost every morning, I go to Beatrice's shop near the CTC to drink her sodas, play with her daughter, and attempt to converse in Acholi, and most afternoons after break dance, I walk part of the way home with Bridget].  Here are a few they thought were important for me to know.

As per usual, I've taken the liberty of writing it phonetically.

ee ah-choh-lee mon pee-khee yeh nee-gooh beh-ree kom.
In Acholi, women are not allowed to sit in chairs.

ah-mee-roh deh khaow
I am looking for a woman [to marry].

ahn at-yieh oh-teh-ka
I am a hero.

chwee-nyah och-wher pee lohk mah eeh wah-koh nee
I was pissed at what you said.

wehk gooh-leh-ghee
Let them beg.

yeh-yah tyieh kah lee-veen-ee
The boat is sinking.

looh-tee-noh mah-ro moo-nee
Children love whites.

[White Unmarried Hero]

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  1. These phrases seem much more helpful than "Where is the library," which is pretty much the only thing I can say in Spanish. Hard to pick a favorite. I'm tied between "I'm a hero" and "Let then beg." Miss you!