Monday, November 7, 2011

Last Friday Night

The Boy no longer divided his week into Weekdays and Weekends.  After all, when his "research schedule" revolves around going along with whatever happens to happen, everyday turns into a Weekend.

Or do they just become more interesting Weekdays?

Although a part of him missed the TGIF attitude so prevalent in the States [and the more specific "work hard Sunday-Thursday afternoon, play hard Thursday-Saturday night" attitude at his alma mater], he and his liver were glad to make a drastic change in party attitude.  Instead of running around campus between themed social events [i.e., 'The Anything But Clothes Party'], mixed beverages [i.e., 'Jungle Juice' made of who-knows-what-as-long-as-it-tasted-good-and-got-the-job-done], and protein/fat/carbohydrate rich end-of-the-night snacks [i.e., chili cheese dogs and M&M brownies], the Boy had now fallen in love with a[n arguably] more adult weekend routine.

After traditional dance, Morris - Luo Talent Center leader, choreographer, and overall Beast - would take the Boy to a nearby bar to have Nile beer [which came in only 500 ml bottles], play billiards [the Boy had always won because his opponent scratched on the 8 ball], watch The Lion King [waitress' choice], listen to Mariah Carey [barkeeper's choice], and enjoy the conversations of [mostly inebriated] middle aged Ugandans, all in one night.

If this was what life was like after college, what it was like to grow up, what it was like to be a sophisticated adult...  The Boy knew he'd never look back and long for his college weekends again.

[Mature Weekender?]

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