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In a recent Ugandan newspaper [the Daily Monitor], an article entitled, "The Reasons You May Be Living a Single Life" was published.  In celebration of no particular reasons, I now share with you snippets of this article that apparently tell me a lot about myself.

-| Singlehood. |-
What are the errors that keep single people from attaining the relationships they feel they should have?

"Singlehood can be a pretty turbulent time for many individuals as they wonder why they are not hitched like everyone around them seems to be.  They run around groping in the dark trying to find the perfect mate and live happily ever after.  Many women prance around the idea of the Knight in Shining Armour riding on a horse and sweeping them off their feet to a magnificent castle..."

"In this search for love, many single people make mistakes along the way some of which can be have dire consequences.  Let's explore some of this issues and the effect they can have on your search for love."

"Expecting your partner to change. ... People are set in their ways of doing things and some of these behaviours form their personality making it almost impossible for them to change.  It therefore is important to ask yourself what aspects of your potential mate you are not willing to live with and which ones you cannot."

"Peer influence.  ... realising that most of their friends have gotten married, some women embark on a mission to find a partner with whom they too can start a family.  In this quest for love, they stoop too low and will compromise on some of the important factors necessary to  make a worthy partner.  They could neglect important aspects such as religion or trust and end up dating or possibly marrying someone only to realize later on they made a terrible mistake."

"Engaging in sex too early.  It is not advisable to get physical with a person you have just started dating...  Some people will simply take advantage of you and walk away after sleeping with you...  a couple that gets intimate too soon are more likely not to take the relationship seriously since they have already consummated their love.  Their relationship may end up becoming simply for sexual convenience...  by withholding from engaging in sex, you sieve out the genuine potential mate from the countless others who may simply be only interested in sex."

"Being too choosy.  ...Some people have very long lists of qualities that their dream mate should have and end up waiting in vain for someone who has all those qualities...  be liberal and understand that there is no person who is perfect so it's unwise to hold dearly onto such lists.  'If you are looking for 10 qualities and your potential suitor has six or seven then you could give them a chance.'...  You should try to get to know them and see what they have to offer.  You might be surprised to discover that they would make a good match for you.  Otherwise you may end up single for life if you religiously wait for someone who has all the endless qualities you so desire."

'Singlehood is a natural aspect of life and should be taken in that respect.  You should take your time as you search for a mate and not be pressured by unrealistic attitudes and beliefs."

-| Qualities to Look for in a Partner |-

"God fearing.  Spirituality is very important in any relationship because it can be the last point of reference when everything else in the relationship has failed."

"Trustworthiness.  A person that you can trust will keep you sane since you will not have be worried about what they are doing when you are not around.  Trust is crucial for any relationship."

"Financial prospects.  Money is key for any relationship since it determines the level of comfort that the couple will enjoy.  Ability and desire to work is much more important than tangible cash in hand."

"Chemistry.  Being attracted to you mate draws you close to them and is mainly the first thing that draws a couple together.  It is much easier to love someone you are attracted to than someone you're not."

-| Apologise to your woman |-

" 'I am sorry, I will make it up to you' translates into 'I cherish you.I don't want to do anything that makes you unhappy' It also says ' I am sorry I wasn't sensitive, I will make it up to you by being more sensitive . in the future'. Do you know how poweful the words 'I am sorry' are? They can melt the wall around a woman's hear, they can build back trust that was lost."

-| My Final Thought |-

Let's be honest: there are many.

Instead, try counting the grammatical errors - nothing was changed from the actual article.

[Single & Questionably Ready to Mingle]

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