Tuesday, January 31, 2012


In an attempt to learn adult real-world-like skills whilst traveling, I've taken it upon myself to learn how to cook like a non-collegiate person.  Ergo, cutting back on things like pasta and toast.  Or, at least serving it in a much more classier way.

-| Rolled pork loin with duck gravy, wine-baked plums, and green beans with toasted pumpkin seeds. |-

-| Ratatouille with goat cheese and couscous. |-

-| Salted soft boiled egg with buttered soldiers. |-

Unfortunately, I haven't photographed all the dishes I've cooked, but here's a not-so-very-comprehensive list:

-| Marmalade glazed chicken with vegetarian pasta. |-
-| Pan fried steak with homemade spiced macaroni and cheese. |-
-| Shepherd's pie served on summer salad and white wine dressing. |-
-| Honey glazed basa fish fillet on warm spinach with green beans, almond, and thyme. |-
-| Rum-soaked double layered chocolate Guinness cake with cream cheese frosting. |-

Suck on that, real world.


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