Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stolen Dogs

If one ventures out to the southern outskirts of Adelaide, towards a small town known as Willunga on any given Saturday, one will inevitably notice the farmer's market held in the center of town.  It is in this market one may realize that a good part of this town's population consists of environmentally conscious persons; dreadlocks grow heartily, organic produce sells heavily, and free samples are offered frequently.  Willunga's concern and love for their canine companions are also as strong as that of their environment; one will notice that, in the window of almost every cafe and shop, posters for missing canine companions and feline friends hang.

My favorite so far is shown.  For those who would rather read a typed version of the print, I've taken the liberty of reproducing it below the photo.

In Feb 2010 some heartless people stole my much loved, little show dogs.  and companions.  They were irreplacable..  I have been heart broken ever since, and still miss them every day.  Animals have feelings to.  and would have been frightened and confused.  It is a selfish, an cruel thing to do, to owners and their pets.  I have done nothing to these people to be treated this way.  All I wanted was for them to be safely returned, no questions asked.  Please if anybody knows where they are, or even have my dogs call me.  Even if they are return anonymously.  Having my dogs back would mean the world to me.  It would be better than being sad all the time.

Missing are

Long coat Chihuahua female DIVA

Short Coat Chihuahua female CoCo

pomeranian female Chewy

Ph [blocked out]


[Hoping for Heather's Help]

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