Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Like a Wolf

Despite recent name givings from dear pseudo-family members, He wasn't sure what it was really like.  But he wanted to know.  Perhaps that was why the mysterious powers that be in the universe had somehow led him to this moment, this week's workshop at Restless, and this specific group of dancers...

"Eleni," Zoe asked, "Do you want to explain the story behind the title of Restless' newest production?"

The dancers had gathered for the first time in 2012, and before any of the creative-making process was to be done, the Directors had decided to talk about the theme of the show.  Eleni, a performer from Autism SA, appeared caught off guard and suddenly shy.

"Howling Like a Wolf?" Eleni asked.

"Yes, Eleni.  Want to explain to some of our new members about how we chose that title?"

"We... we were talking about flirting.  Back in November."  Eleni curled her fingers as she slid nails between her teeth.

"We were talking about emotions back in November, when we were doing a workshop with Rawcus Theatre, remember?"

"Oh.  Yeah."  Eleni paused, unsure.

"And we were talking about what certain emotions look like, remember?  So we did an exercise, where each person showed what an emotion looked like behind a curtain we held up.  Do you remember what emotion we were talking about, and what you did?"

"It was brilliant," added Philip, "If that helps you remember it."

"I...  I looked like a wolf, howling at the moon."  Eleni said, staring at the floor.

"Right, Eleni.  And do you remember what emotion we were talking about?"  Zoe tilted her head.

"It was...  Love."  Eleni hand dropped from her mouth.

"And do you want to explain why you chose to howl like a wolf to show love?"

"I saw a card in the store before, with two wolves howling at the moon."  Lynne explained.

"And you said, back in November..."

"That's what love must be like."


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