Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Phoenix

"Wanna see it?" Matt asked.

Our Hero nodded, unsure if this was part of the workshop that the current actors, from Ranters Theatre, wanted the pair to discuss.  Regardless, Matt lifted his shirt.

"I designed it myself." he said, proudly.

Our Hero stared at the outline of black feathers that turned into flames, and at the center of its chest, a detailed heart surrounded by a  rib cage.

"It's a phoenix, you know.  You probably know the story, but it's a bird that dies and rises from its ashes.  I think I really do associate with this animal...  Every time I broke one of my bones, it healed."

When he was born, Matt had been diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bone disease.  Matt had spent a considerable part of his life in a wheelchair, until about 8 years ago when he had taught himself to walk.  Up until that point, he had "literally broken every bone in [his] body, and then some."

Ever since leaving the wheelchair, he's continued his studies in theater, performs and works at Restless, practices ninjutsu, and dresses in the occasional pimp suit or ninja garb.

Matt continued, "Sometimes it healed incorrectly, and sometimes it healed too much.  Like my shin; I have one hell of a shin."  To demonstrate, he rapped his knuckles against his left shin, and the sound of hollow wood echoed through the studio.  "I'm in no big hurry to get the rest of the details in.  Actually, I need reasons to keep adding on to this one.  Every time something big happens in my life, I add some more detail to this."

Our Hero asked if the tat made Matt happy.

"It does.  When I look in the mirror every morning, I'm reminded of why I got it done in the first place.  I was born with weak bones, but now look at me.  After breaking them and letting them heal a million times, my bones are too strong now.  I really am like the phoenix, you know?  Every time I die, I keep coming back stronger."


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  1. Aw you're so inspiring. And that's so cool that you just see kangaroos hoppin around!!! Let's skype soon, please!!