Monday, October 17, 2011

Make Every Shot

After leaving India, he vowed to improve documenting his travels; only 400 pictures of India in two months?  He could do much better than that.

He sifted through the photos taken that day; attempting to capture "the moment" proved difficult with his four year old Canon Powershot.  [ Damn - maybe it was worth spending more of the budget on a camera that didn't evoke the "Hey!  My mom has that camera!" response from friends back in the US.  Being stingy would always later bit him in the rear. ]  Sighing, he chose two that would, to a degree, portray some of the talent he saw over the last few days.  

Additionally, he wanted to apologize to those who followed his travels, however few there were.  The photographic pickings were slim to begin with [ mainly due to his limited photographic skills ], and even more slim after realizing how many of the images contained something worth looking at...

Rarely, the photos would turn out like the one below.  At such times, he couldn't complain.

-|  Luo Talent Centre  |-

Documenting his time in Uganda would prove a challenge; not only were the photos highly unable to embody "amazing," but the videos taken were as equally limiting.  Oh, and YouTube refused to process his videos whilst in this part of Africa.  He would have to wait until much later to upload these clips.


[ Sharapova ]

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