Thursday, October 13, 2011

Aw Snap[Shot]

What's the best/most convenient way to describe life so far in Uganda?

In as little words as possible.  Cue photos and captions.

-| The balcony outside the bedroom.  Much reading takes place here. |-

-| Ominous church bell tower that rings at 6:30 am and 1:00 pm. |-

-| "The school uniforms are somewhat colorful..." |-

-| The Catechists Training Centre/home is also a vineyard. |-

-| Daniel the Cook making polenta during a [regular] power out. |-

-| Beer from the Nile.  Served at the CTC. |-

-| Homemade croissants/rolls with marmalade inside! |-

-| This picture doesn't do it justice.  Incredible homemade peanut butter that runs like syrup. |-
-| Secret ingredient: sesame seeds. |-

-| Elephants are a thing here in Gulu.  Especially as gifts. |-

-| Demon cat who lives outside my room & in the kitchen. |-

-| Ah, nothing says Uganda but homemade Italian pizza. |-

-| They make my bed every morning [against my will]... |-

-| ... and fold my laundry, which they wash [against my will]. |-

-| Beastly girls balancing clay pots at Luo Talent Centre. |-

-| They practice at sundown... |-

-| Beastly live music on the drums. |-

-| Practicing for their performance this Saturday. |-

-| Beastly jam session on the bow harp/adungu |-

-| If you dance, you can/must play music too.  Ergo, David teaches me to play the tenor adungu. |-

[Adungu Apprentice]

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