Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In Translation

A very special edition of wewillgotogether, in which I translate French using English, Spanish, and relatively poor etymology skills!

Seductive service?  Going down?

The most legendary road I've walked, "The Epic Road"

The Rich...  Richard?

Products of Terror Souvenirs!

Well bend me over, it's The Montmarte Butt Gallery!

The Grevin Museum, a fantastic cabinet and Palace of Mirages!

Moon Road.  And for those who can't read, a fun little picture of an alien and a ball to go with it.

Sweetie, could you pick up some venom, arsenic, and cyanide on the way back from work?

The Coffee Mix, where single Java, Mocha, and Espresso come to mingle.

Oh hey, Evan Bouche! 

The Crotch of Small Champions.

Cat in Hat Road!

Lingere Passage, or the Way of Underwears, or the Path of Unmentionables.

March of the Rogue Babies?!?!

Museum of Poop!

Can't travel without Voyage Biscuits...

The Epic Market of Terror?



  1. you're ridiculous.
    Oh! Also that alien is by Space Invader, a famous french street artist.