Thursday, May 31, 2012

Love Lock[down]

Ah, Paris.

En francais:  Ehh, Peh-rhee.

Ze city of romance [or having high expectations of finding one] has hit me hard.  As my host said one afternoon over baguette sandwiches along the canal:

"Joshua, you're already in love with the city.  I can see it in your eyes."

In celebration of my arrival in the City of Light and general inability to mask emotions, I've decided to post pictures [and, of course, commentary] of one of my favorite landmarks: the Pont des Arts, which links the Louvre and the Institut de France.  

As a statement of everlasting love [or friendship], couples will engrave/write their names/initials onto a padlock [the Love Lock], affix them to the fence along the river, and either keep the key or throw it into the river below.

I know, a river full of keys.  You'd think that the dinner boats passing beneath the bridges would eventually hit a large mountain of metal, but...  

You can buy these locks for 4 euro, or about 5 dollars, along the river from souvenir vendors.

Ah, friendship along the river surrounded by locks.  Le simbolisme.

Tourist boat!

Bonjour, Pont des Arts!

Sooooo manyyyyy.

Two men from the US!  But where's Mark?

I guess the breakup was JUST THIS BAD.

Parts of the fencing have to be replaced from the amount of locks...


"Your lips against mine."  ROMANTIC!!!

I did too.

Some other breakups are only bad enough to be Sharpied-out.

INDIA.  One of my favorites.

Mmm.  Maybe in another lifetime.

One of the more creative ones: attaching photos of yourself under Shakespeare keyrings.

I guess you could say the PEN IS mightier than the sword...

One can only hope...

More international ones!

Coline, we need to work on your creativity...

Even from Korea...


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  1. Jamie and Lauren have a love lock there. As do my parents. Did you find the bridge behind Notre Dame that was the original start of love locks (much more overwhelming)?