Thursday, September 1, 2011

Attempts At Being Artsy

OR [ Photos with References as Titles ]

OR [ Sixteen Sweet Shots ]

OR [ Josh Discovers the "Color Highlight" Option on His Camera ]

-| Save Spot |-

-| Kong |-

-| The Bad Color |-

-| Californication |-

-| Le Petit |-

-| White-Wash |-

-| No Evil |-

-| Hero |-

-| Jasmine |-

-| Julia & Julia |-

-| Orpheus |-

-| Krispy |-

-| Who Stole the Tarts? |-

-| Auntie Em |-

-| Like Father, |-

-| He Who Smelt It |-

Happy Ganesha Festival, India.

[ Os ]


  1. I love these. I didnt know you had such photomagraphing skills. More?

  2. Yo. I just read all of the blogs. Tell Taffy I saw videos of a sport that is played with blindfolds so that it makes no difference if blind or not. Kind of like goal to goal soccer – something like 6 players on each team, lined up on their knees with their backs to their own goal, trying to communicate with other teammates to get the ball in the other teams goal. Awesome.
    And Josh, I’m so happy that you’re happy. Really.
    Full speed ahead

  3. last comment was from Maryellen...

  4. Friends! Thank you!

    Cassie: I think it's more luck that my finger happened to press the button at the right time. India provided the color, I just decided to cut back on the variety by focusing on one... Maybe I should do a critique.

    ME: Will do! I'll try explaining it, I can't promise that it'll make much sense, but I'll try. And I'm happy that you're happy about my happiness. Happy!