Saturday, July 28, 2012

T-Minus Four

Let the countdown begin.

With only four days left in Paris and eight days before I return to my hometown, I can't help but feel reasonably unprepared to re-enter the United States.

[  ]  Consume my first macaron from LadurĂ©e.
[  ]  Consume as many macarons from LadurĂ©e as possible.
[X] Watch the end of the Tour de France.  LIVE.
[  ]  Learn the lyrics to one French song before I leave.  OR, translate the lyrics to one American song into French (I've already begun work on Katy Perry).  In all honesty, this was how I should have been learning the language.
[X]  Travel to other French towns outside of Paris.
[  ]  Recreate ADELE's "Someone Like You" video along the Seine and the Pont des Invalides.
[X]  Successfully wander and drag my feet across each of the 20 arrondisments.
[  ]  Buy tickets to Charles de Gaulle Airport.
[X]  Find appropriate cake(s) for Host 2's birthday party.
[  ]  Trap the mice living in the apartment with a humane mouse-trap (trap 1, trap 2).
[X]  Visit as many famous graves in the Parisian cemeteries as possible.
[  ]  Have one last night of tango and ballroom dancing along the Seine.
[  ] Find a Parisian romance.  Note: Probably won't happen.
[  ]  Update this with as many profound entries before my return.
[  ]  Partake in Guinness in the Dublin Airport (and thus crossing off another thing on my bucket list).
[  ]  Figure out what exactly it is I'm doing for my End of the Year Presentation.
[  ]  Present said presentation in front of other Fellows who I'll meet for the first time.
[  ]  Discuss the next move post-life-changing-experience with other Fellows and Fellowship Director/Office Staff.
[  ]  Despite newly developed tolerance for stressful situations, panic for lack of concrete next moves.
[  ]  Overcome said panic attack, then make incredible plans to work, travel, study, or all at the same time very, very soon.

Notice how, very similar to one year ago, how many boxes are unchecked.  You'd think that some things revolving around organization, goal-setting, and motivation to accomplish them as soon as possible would have changed during a year like this, but...

... well.  I guess you can't expect someone to become a model of perfection over 365 days.

In the meantime, enjoy a melange of deliciously incredible gourmet food I've eaten.

I didn't have this, but I wanted to point out that one liter of this cognac 
costs 3272 €, or about 4028$.

[ Counting ]

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