Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Video?

On the bus ride back from Sunadha's performance at Alliance University's One Year celebration - a professor danced on a brass plate, I'm just saying - Nilmara, one of Samarthanam's social workers/teachers/adult figures decides to learn more about what I'm doing.

Nilmara:  So what is it that you hope to study here?
Josh [oversimplifying for clarity]:  I want to study dance in different cultures and volunteer programs.
N:  So you are a dancer?
J:  Yeah, I guess you can-
N:  -And what type of dance do you study?
J: Oh, I don't think I have one sty-
N:  -Did you enjoy the dance program tonight?
J:  Yes!  It was very entertai-
N:  -And you saw our girls perform?
J:  Yes.  I actually videota-
N:  -Did you videotape it?
J:  Umm, yes I did vi-
N:  -And you watched the university students and professors perform as well?
J:  Yeah, I videotaped them als-
N:  -Did you get a video of the fatty?
J:  The what?
N:  The fatty.  The fatty.  You know, the girl dancing with the boy.
J:  Oh, the one dancing hip hop and bollywood?
N:  Yes, the fatty.
J:  Now, well, I wouldn't call her fat, real-
N:  -Yes, she needs to stop eating all those sweets.  She was kind of slow, no?
J:  I thought she kept up with the boy very-
N:  No.  Too slow.  Fatty.
J:  Oh, okay.
[ Awkard lull in the conversation.  Josh stares out the window. ]
N:  So what style of dance do you practice?
J:  More than one style, I guess it's a lot of karate, contemporary, hip hop-
N:  -So you can teach the children at Samarthanam?
J:  I guess I coul-
N:  -Western dance?
J:  What do you mean, Western dance?
N:  Anything!  Western!
J:  I guess I could teach the Macarena.
N:  The what?
J [Lying, pretending it's still the 90s]:  The Macarena.  Very popular back in America.
N:  Okay.  You teach the children.
J:  Yeah, sure.  It won't be too hard-
N:  -Not too hard!  I will also learn.  And I'm a little fatty too, no?
[ Second awkward lull in the conversation.  Josh stares at the floor. ]
N:  How old are you?
J:  I'm twenty two.
N:  Ah, see, I am twenty three.  We are compatible, no?
[ Premature third lull.  Josh fidgets.  ]

Ah, India.  The Promised Land of impatience, desserts, and honesty.


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  1. That was hilarious! Thanks for your amazing posts!