Friday, June 3, 2011



About two and a half months ago, I found out that I've been given the opportunity to embark on a Watson Fellowship, which allows someone to travel around the world to do something they're super passionate about;  in my situation, I proposed a project in studying how community service is incorporated into dance companies around the world.

So you're going to...?

To [tentatively] six countries:
  1. Bangalore, India
  2. Kampala, Uganda
  3. Cairo, Egypt
  4. Paris, France
  5. London, England
  6. Buenos Aires, Argentina
And the blog is for...?

Part of my proposal was to update a blog as much as possible to keep my friends and family informed on what I'm doing, but to also show that [somewhere in the world] I am alive and not shoved in a sewer.  I've decide to start writing in this to a) figure out what the text looks like while I'm still formatting the look of "the blog," b) keep myself entertained while in Wheeling, IL, and c) make some very dear friends who have egged me on to start blogging [somewhat] happy.  Additionally, expect pictures and videos, especially when I'm either at a loss for words, too exhausted to write, or have limited to no internet access to write that much or that long.

And you want me to do what?

One [or, preferably, more] of the following:
  • Read this.
  • Remember.
  • Respond.
  • Reply about your life.
  • Criticize [I couldn't think of another "re" word] my tone.  I have a dreadful writing voice.


  1. Ha!! first post!

    Looking forward to vicariously traveling the world with you... while I'm holed up in a lab.


  2. Great look for a blog, Josh! It really sets the mood for a lot of travel and art--a beautiful, infinite horizon.

    One observation: you're really into [brackets]. 12 brackets in your prologue. Regarding your writing tone, I think it adds a unique touch. Brackets make your writing sound a bit like your speaking voice. That said, I'd advise not going [too] overboard with the [brackets] haha.

    In other news, I'm pumped you're keeping a blog. You're going to have a blast on your Watson, and I'm glad I can hear about your travels this way. And right now, it's giving me something to keep me entertained while in Bedford, MA.

    Good luck! Keep dancing :)

  3. this is the most entertaining travel blog I have ever read. insert concerned sadface.

    -mel : )